Vermont State Police never stopped looking for Carl Edward Sanborn

A Barnet man accused of sexually assaulting young girls went into hiding just before investigators went to question him in June. But the Vermont State Police never stopped looking for Carl Edward Sanborn and on Sunday night troopers located and arrested him at his son’s house in the town of Victory. Sanborn, 52, is accused in court documents of engaging in sexual activity with girls as young as four years old from 1997 – 2014. Police say Sanborn also threatened the alleged victims and their families. Sanborn pleaded not guilty in Caledonia Superior Court on Monday to three felony charges of aggravated-repeated sexual assault on a child and one count of felony lewd & lascivious conduct with a child. Judge Justin P. Jiron ordered Sanborn held without bail and ordered a no-contact condition prohibiting Sanborn from communicating with members of his immediate family. “Mr. Sanborn’s been on arrest warrant status since June 13th,” said State’s Attorney Jessica Zaleski in her argument to hold Sanborn. Zaleski also told the court that Sanborn was found by police in a shed on the property along with his wife, Tricia Sanborn, two of his sons and other family members. Troopers said that after a lengthy investigation, they spotted Sanborn on Sunday near the shed and quietly approached him through the darkness and took him into custody without incident just after 8:30 p.m. On the morning of June 6, state police attempted to locate Sanborn at this home at 970 Comerford Dam Road in Barnet, but he wasn’t there. They talked to Sanborn’s wife who said her husband would be returning in less than an hour but he never arrived. Police also patrolled the area and checked other possible locations in the search for Sanborn but he was not located prompting the court to issue an arrest warrant. A weight of the evidence hearing will be scheduled. Sanborn faces a possible sentence of 25 years to life in prison.