Vermont parks are celebrating a remarkable year.

Vermont parks are celebrating a remarkable year.

According to the Vermont Department of Forest, Parks and Recreation, they had the highest visitation numbers in more than 30 years. That’s over 1.35 million visits during their on-season in 2021.

This is also the fifth-highest visitation in the 97 years of the parks’ history.

Some of the parks getting the most love were Grand Isle State Park, Camp Plymouth State Park and Mount Philo.

The Parks Department says the increase is not just because of the pandemic but also investments made in their park infrastructure, as well as the efforts of their staff.

“So even before COVID, we have folks who are continuing to discover what Vermont has to offer and reconnecting with nature and understanding the mental and physical value of just being outside. It really happened it was just fantastic, we are so pleased,” said Nate McKeen, the state parks director.

Camping is also on the rise at the parks. In the last two seasons, they have seen a 67% increase.

Reservations are already booking up for next year.

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