The 35th Annual Joe’s Pond Ice Out is on

The 35th Annual Joe’s Pond Ice Out is on. Thanks to a very cold January, the ice would seem to be here to stay through the winter. Many of the shanties have been removed from the ice with the recent warm weather. All shanties have to be off the ice the last Sunday in March or when the ice can no longer safely support them. The block that falls through the ice to mark the official date and time of the Ice Out is on the ice, however the clock will be attached later in the month. Fishermen out on the ice report that in some areas they are augering through some 30 inches of ice. Other areas can be quite thin. Last year, the block went through the ice on April 10, 2021, at 4:57 p.m. This was the third earliest Ice Out in contest history. A total of 12,531 tickets were sold last year at $1 each. Once expenses are deducted, the person guessing the closest time to the actual Ice Out is awarded half the proceeds. Last year, the winner received over $5,000, the other half of the proceeds goes to the Joe’s Pond Association for activities such as promotion of water quality and the ever-popular fireworks. The Ice Out tickets are available at Hastings Store and Marty’s First Stop. In Cabot tickets are at the Cabot General Store and Walden Corner Stop Inn Shop. Tickets are also at vendors in Marshfield, Barre, and Montpelier. They can also be purchased on-line at All tickets must be returned or postmarked before midnight on April 1, 2022.

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