Newport Police Arrest Two Men on Numerous Charges Following Theft of Off-Road Vehicles

Newport Police Arrest Two Men on Numerous Charges Following Theft of Off-Road Vehicles

NEWPORT — Chief Travis Bingham reports that the Newport Police Department arrested two men on numerous charges after they were found to be in possession of a pair of stolen off-road vehicles.

LARRY A. GARROW JR., AGE 34, OF RICHFORD was arrested and charged with: 

• Aggravated Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer

• Operation Without Owners’ Consent – Aggravated

• Grand Larceny

• Unlawful Mischief (Felony)

• Eluding a Police Officer While Operating in Grossly 

Negligent Manner (Felony)

• Grossly Negligent Operation

• Resisting Arrest

• Violation of Conditions of Release

• Habitual Offender

KENNETH CAMERON, AGE 35, OF RICHFORD was arrested and charged with: 

• Grand Larceny

• Resisting Arrest

• Operation Without Owners’ Consent

• Criminal DLS

On Tuesday, Sept. 20, at approximately 2:13 a.m., Newport Police were dispatched for a report of a car towing two side-by-side off-road vehicles on Pleasant Extension onto Airport Road toward Coventry.

A responding officer located the ATVs parked in the pull-off on the Black River Bridge and parked his cruiser behind them. One of the individuals, later identified as GARROW, began to flee on one of the ATVs and ran over the officer’s foot, which knocked him backward, before driving it into the river. The officer was not seriously injured in the incident.

GARROW then exited the vehicle after it became inoperable and attempted to swim away from officers, and was located under the bridge a short time later. He refused to comply with officers’ commands but was eventually taken into custody. 

GARROW is a person of interest in multiple thefts across several jurisdictions. Additionally, at the time of his arrest, GARROW was free on bail for a DUI charge, which carried the condition that he refrain from operating a motor vehicle. 

The second suspect, later identified as CAMERON, fled the scene and was not immediately apprehended.

Through a subsequent investigation, Newport Police determined that the off-road vehicles were stolen from Pleasant Street.

Additionally, Newport Police’s subsequent investigation led to the identification of CAMERON. He was then located and taken into custody without incident on Pleasant Street at about 11:30 a.m.

GARROW and CAMERON were arraigned Tuesday in Orleans District Court. GARROW was ordered held on $100,000 bail. CAMERON was ordered held on $7,500 bail.