New Hampshire State Police conducted a ground search in connection with the investigation of Maura Murray

On Wednesday, the New Hampshire State Police, with the assistance of the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department, conducted a ground search of an area located off Route 112 in the towns of Landaff and Easton, in connection with the investigation of Maura Murray. The search activity is not the result of new information in the case.  Maura Murray (21 at the time of her disappearance) went missing in February 2004. She was a student at UMASS-Amherst college and left the college on February 9, 2004. At approximately 7:30 p.m. that night, her car was involved in what appeared to be a single-car accident on Route 112 in Haverhill.  Anyone with information about Maura Murray is asked to call the New Hampshire Cold Case Unit at (603) 223-3648 or email them at

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