Interactions with bears are up

 Interactions with bears are up across Vermont according to Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department.  They say its bears getting into backyard bird feeders, chicken coups, compost, or garbage. The Fish and Wildlife Dept. says living in bear country means having to co-exist. So, that means taking down bird feeders when bears are in the neighborhood and securing trash bins. When it comes to backyard chickens or livestock, install electric fencing to prevent interactions. Bears are very flexible, smart animals. So with enough learning they will start shifting their behavior to start looking for these human foods instead of relying on their natural foods, just because these human foods can be more plentiful than the natural foods at certain times of the year. Then there is compost, backyard composting in bear country means mixing in lots of browns. The correct mix is three parts brown material to one part kitchen scraps. That’s means leaves, woodchips and sawdust. It’s also important to turn it frequently and keep it secure to suppress some of the smell and allow it to break down faster.