Flower and Jerry Toomey implore the board to close Victory Road for the winter.

At the most recent meeting of the Kirby Select Board, a couple who live on Victory Road — Flower and Jerry Toomey — implored the board to close the road for the winter as has been done in years past, because the road is used as a part of the VAST snowmobile trail in the winter. The board had earlier decided to keep Victory Road open this winter. But after hearing the Toomeys concerns expressed, the board voted unanimously at its meeting to close Victory Road to wheeled vehicles effective yesterday, Jan. 17.. Some landowners had expressed concern in the past about the road being closed, which was discussed at the recent meeting, the record shows. In the draft minutes of the recent meeting, it was noted that the couple had attended the select board meeting “… to ask the Selectboard to close the Victory Road and put up blocks so vehicles cannot drive on the road.” Additionally, “She also stated that there is someone that drives on the snowmobile trail almost every time it is groomed.” “Jeff Hayes, who grooms the trail, stated that VAST considers trails open from Dec. 15-April 15,” However, it is technically closed at this time because of lack of snow.” 

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