Drugs and “disrespect” played a role in the shooting of a Barnet man outside Maplefields on Tuesda

Drugs and “disrespect” played a role in the shooting of a Barnet man outside Maplefields on Tuesday. Two people linked to the crime were scheduled for arraignment in Caledonia Superior Court yesterday afternoon, but only one of them appeared. Felipe Cotto, 40, from Massachusetts, who is charged with attempted murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and Casey Squires, 21, of Sheffield, who is accused of a charge of accessory after the fact, were supposed to appear in separate back-to-back hearings inside a secure video conference room at Northeast Regional Correctional Facility. Squires attended her hearing, entering a not guilty plea, but Cotto did not show up. The court, presided over by Judge Thomas Devine, was told by a prison official that Cotto refused to participate in the hearing. Cotto is accused of shooting Nathan Smires, 36, of Barnet, in the neck with a .22 revolver. Squires is accused of driving from the shooting scene with Cotto and failing to report the crime. Cotto and Squires are noted in court documents to be in a relationship together. Both were lodged in the St. Johnsbury jail Wednesday night after being taken into custody by State Police earlier in the day at a residence on Mathewson Hill Road in Lyndon. Police had tracked them to the address after witnesses to the shooting of Smires identified them. 

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