Allison Roslund and her Volvo were linked to another crime scene

Found at the scene of a murder in the NVRH parking lot 16 days earlier, Allison Roslund and her Volvo were linked to another crime scene at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery Thursday night. Roslund, 41, of Wheelock, is accused of damaging cemetery property by driving off-road while under the influence of drugs, leaving deep ruts in the lawn near gravestones. St. Johnsbury Police say Roslund and a passenger, Linden Ide, 43, of Wheelock, rode into the cemetery around chain-blocked roads but couldn’t get back out. Officer Robert Gerrish and Cpl. Steven Hartwell went to the cemetery a little after 8 p.m. and arrested both of them at the cemetery. Officer Gerrish reported Roslund resisted and back at the police station she reportedly punched him. Roslund’s Volvo, which was towed away from the cemetery is the same one authorities say she drove into the hospital parking lot on March 1 with Vincent Keithan as a passenger. Sometime after parking there, it is alleged that Jerry “Mike” Ramirez, 35, of Brooklyn, N.Y., rolled up in a Jeep and got inside Roslund’s car and assulted her while inside her vehicle. Witnesses say he then followed Keithan out of the car where he is accused of killing Keithan by shooting him. Ramirez is being held in jail.

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