A  woman was arrested for taking part in an armed robbery at Fairbanks Inn on Wednesday

witnesses prior to taking Cowdrey into custody. He said charges for others are forthcoming as he continues the investigation. Sgt. Cleary said two other people were involved in the robbery in which property was stolen from Neil Badger and Michelle Deaette. At least one of the alleged robbery victims was known to the perpetrators, Sgt. Cleary said. Cowdrey  was arraigned in Caledonia County Superior Court yesterday. The charge against her is aiding in the commission of a felony. It’s expected that the Caledonia County State’s Attorney’s Office will be looking to prosecute her as a habitual offender because she has at least three felony convictions on her criminal record. If identified through the latest felony as a habitual offender, Cowdrey could face life imprisonment. Previous criminal allegations include assault on a game warden and operating a vehicle without the owner’s consent.

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