A former cafeteria worker has been indicted after allegedly dropping meth at her Littleton school workplace

A former cafeteria worker has been indicted after allegedly dropping meth at her Littleton school workplace. A bag of methamphetamine that was found by a school employee, according to Grafton Superior Court records. Jessica Laflam, 35, of Jefferson, was originally charged by Littleton police with a Class B felony count of drug possession in a school zone for the incident police said occurred on the morning of Friday, Jan. 28 at Lakeway Elementary School. A warrant was issued for her arrest on Feb. 28 and an arrest was made on March 14. On April 15, Laflam was indicted by a grand jury on a Class B felony of violating the Controlled Drug Act by possessing meth. According to the affidavit,  Littleton Police Detective Scott Powers, a school employee had come to the Littleton Police Department at 11:18 a.m. on Jan. 28 to turn over what she believed were illegal drugs found at Lakeway Elementary School. Police then turned to the school’s video surveillance. The video is activated by motion and picked up Laflam walking into the building.  “The drugs did fall out of my pocket. I did not knowingly bring the bag to school property. It fell out as I was getting my phone out of my pocket. My life had been very crazy and I had tried this drug the night before. I did not mean for it to be on school property. I take full responsibility for the actions I made. It was unprofessional and dangerous. I would have never purposely put my job at risk or endangered any of the children that go to Lakeway.” Laflam was released on personal recognizance bail. A dispositional conference is scheduled for June 6 at Grafton Superior Court. In New Hampshire, a Class B felony count is punishable by a maximum New Hampshire State Prison sentence of 3 1/2 to 7 years.

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