A dispute between a mother and son led to gunfire and two deaths in Woodstock

A dispute between a mother and son led to gunfire and two deaths in Woodstock. According to police, it appears the victim was an innocent bystander who was there to support his friend. But because of an ongoing argument, that decision turned fatal. “The son and the mother had an issue over finances and property is best we can tell right now,” Vt. State Police Lt. Todd Baxter said. Police say Jay Wilson, 45, of Woodstock, was the killer. They say Wilson’s mother and the victim, Dieter Seier, 67, of Cornish, New Hampshire, showed up at the house Tuesday afternoon to sign over papers on a car. Police say that sparked an ongoing argument between the mother and her son which escalated into gunfire. Wilson’s mom witnessed the shooting. Police showed up a short time later and found Seier dead in the driveway. Police say Wilson then shot at the officers who returned fired before Wilson retreated back into the house. That led to a nearly 10-hour standoff as police attempted to get Wilson to surrender. But late Tuesday night, police decided not to wait any longer. After getting a warrant, a tactical team entered the house with the Vermont State Police. They heard what was believed to be a single gunshot. They say they found Wilson dead inside the home with a self-inflicted gunshot wound.