A Derby woman who spent the night in jail for alleged assaultive behavior was freed Wednesday

A Derby woman who spent the night in jail for alleged assaultive behavior, including an accusation she tried to extinguish a cigarette on her husband’s face, was freed Wednesday with court-imposed conditions of release that include a prohibition on alcohol. Christina Dilley, 47, is accused of assaulting her son and husband on Tuesday. She was ordered by Judge Lisa Warren during arraignment on Wednesday to stay away from the men while the case against her is pending. Dilley pleaded not guilty to two counts of domestic assault. Vermont State Police were first alerted about Dilley when a neighbor called to say Dilley was being loud outside and smashing beer bottles in Dilley’s driveway. In a phone conversation with Dilley, Tpr. Logan Miller said he was told by Dilley that they would go inside and be quiet. “Minutes later,” noted the trooper, a 911 call came from the Dilley residence “with a male in the background speaking about being hit in the face.” Tpr. Logan and three other troopers responded to the residence. The investigation that followed resulted in Dilley’s arrest for allegedly hitting and biting her son and trying to put a lit cigarette out on her husband’s face. She was lodged overnight at the Northern State Correctional Facility in Newport. During the arraignment, Judge Warren said the trooper’s affidavit points to alcohol being a factor in the alleged behavior and ordered that Dilley not possess or consume alcohol.

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