A Craftsbury man accused of attempted murder after hitting his friend with a truck

A Craftsbury man accused of attempted murder after hitting his friend with a truck was ordered held without bail Thursday at the request of Orleans County State’s Attorney Jennifer Barrett. “The defendant, instead of seeking medical care, drove several miles to a field and discarded the victim like he was a piece of garbage,” said Barrett at the arraignment of Parker Clark, 20, in Orleans Superior Court. “We’re extremely concerned about his release and his mental issues at this point.” Clark pleaded not guilty to felony charges of 2nd degree attempted murder, gross negligent operation of a motor vehicle with serious injury resulting and drunken driving. Clark is accused of striking Tyler Friend, 19, of Craftsbury with a pick-up truck while “doing donuts” at a boat access on Caspian Lake in Greensboro at about 9:30 p.m. on Wednesday. But the attempted murder charge stems from Clark’s alleged actions after Friend was hit by the truck. Clark then loaded Friend who was seriously injured into the truck and goes to a place in Craftsbury that he knows, traveling ‘approximately 25 minutes’ from where Friend was injured.  Clark stated Friend was no longer conscious and or responsive. Clark said he was too impaired to know what to do and brought him down to the ravine and left him there. Clark went to get in the truck and leave, but the truck was stuck. Clark then realizes that he and Friend are friends and goes back to get him and goes to call for help. Clark’s court-appointed defense attorney Lydia V. Newcomb of Newport tried to get the court to dismiss the attempted murder charge for lack of probable cause but State’s Attorney Barrett objected. “After running somebody over, the defendant put him in his motor vehicle, drove many miles in the opposite direction of the closest hospital, dumped him out of the truck in the back of a cornfield, drug him down a ravine and didn’t render any aid,” said Barrett. “We believe that it shows that he intended to kill the victim in this case.” Attorney Newcomb also argued against holding Clark in jail because he is young, has no prior criminal record and his decision-making that day was likely impaired by alcohol.  But Judge Lisa A. Warren denied both of Newcomb’s requests and ordered Clark held without bail until a weight-of-the-evidence hearing can be held. Police say Friend is in critical condition at the University of Vermont Medical Center in Burlington. Clark is being detained at Northern State Correctional Facility in Newport and faces a possible sentence of 20 years to life in prison if convicted on the attempted murder charge.

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