Kidnapping and attempted murder suspect Sydney J. “Ruby Rose” Clark-Adams has been tracked down and arrested by police again. And the court is convinced that the pattern will continue unless Clark-Adams deals with her drug problem. Clark-Adams, who is from Townsend, Vt., pleaded not guilty last year to charges of felony assault and robbery and accessory to kidnapping for allegedly helping accused Connecticut drug dealer, Jashawn L. “Rico” Hunter, 33, kidnap, beat and rob Barnet resident, Matthew Goodell, 26. Clark-Adams is facing a possible sentence of up to life in prison if convicted but was released from jail after posting $25,000 bail. Clark-Adams was arrested again in December of 2021 for allegedly violating her court-ordered conditions of release (VCR) in Brattleboro but was later released. Clark-Adams then failed to appear at her next court date in Caledonia County where Judge Timothy B. Tomasi issued another $5,000 arrest warrant for her at the request of Caledonia County State’s Attorney Jessica Zaleski.

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